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Simplicity is just one click away.

A vision to transport users into a world where apps were not only simple to use, but also made people’s lives better as well.

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Paving the way to an easier life

Since its inception, Asante Tip has transformed the way people approach tipping hospitality workers who have given great service. We had a vision to transport users into a world where Apps were not only simple to use, but also made people's’ lives better as well. Our team of experts have worked tirelessly on this vision, carefully crafting our App to give the users what they’ve always wanted — the chance to go cashless and mobile with everything they do.

Our Features

What started off as a simple idea evolved in time to a well established company that’s eager to give back more to its users.  Asante Tip has turned into the App that can not only offer users a wide range of special technological tools, but can also simplify and ease their lives. Download our innovative App to learn what Asante Tip can do for you!

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Unlimited Access

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Ease of Use

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How it works

Easily Download the Asantetip App for Android or Apple iOS Within Minutes you can set your account details and start Tipping.

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Sign up

To Sign Up simply enter your e mail and Mobile Phone details click the terms and conditions. 

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Log in

Once your account is set you can log in using your Log in details and your secure personal PIN number.

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The user friendly Dashboard allows you to Load your tip wallet, Tip a single person or tip all the staff in a Restaurant or Hotel who has a business account. The App has a comprehensive Statement of your tipping history in any currency.

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Pay Single Tip

To Tip a single person simply scan the persons Unique QR code, enter the amount you wish to Tip ,confirm the details with your PIN number then press pay, The tip will pass instantly to the other persons tip wallet.

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Receive Tip

Simply present your Unique QR code to your client to scan to receive a tip. This QR code can be printed ,scanned or emailed to receive tips at any time.

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Pay Multiple Tip

The Business tip will allow the user to pay a tip to all the staff in the establishment. Including front and back of house staff. Scan the business QR code input the total amount you wish to tip, then press "divide between all." Confirm the details with your secure  PIN code to proceed to pay. All members who have been loaded into the business app will automatically get an equal share of the tip instantly to their tip wallet.

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Asante Tip Wallet

Your personal tip wallet can be set up in any currency. To add funds to your tip wallet can only be done using your credit card. Set your credit card and bank details in the setting. Using the secure credit card protected facility you can easily add funds to your tip wallet. 

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Balance & Statement

Your balance statement allows the user to see the tip wallet balances and all previous transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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