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About Us

Effortlessly express your gratitude through the power of digital tipping.

QR Code Scanning

Our app allows you to scan the server's unique QR code to tip them directly. No more searching for cash or struggling with math – just scan, tip, and say thank you.

Versatile Payment Methods

AsanteTip enables you to load your tipping wallet with a variety of payment methods. Whether it's credit cards, digital wallets, or even bank transfers, you can fund your tipping wallet your way.

Multiple Tipping Options

With AsanteTip, you have the flexibility to tip your servers in multiple ways. Whether you prefer a one-time, single tip, or want to distribute your gratitude among the staff, AsanteTip has you covered.

How it works?

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What the app does?


  1. The AsanteTip dashboard is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that every interaction is a seamless expression of gratitude.
  2. Experience the power of digital tipping and financial control in one centralized hub.
  3. Login to AsanteTip now and transform the way you say 'Asante' – thank you!

Balance and Statements

  1. Your bank statement allows the user to see the tip wallet balances and all previous transactions.
  2. Stay financially informed with the "Bank Statements" feature.
  3. Access a comprehensive overview of your transactions, ensuring transparency and control over your digital tipping history.

Scan QR Code

  1. Simply present your unique QR code to your client to scan in order to receive a tip.
  2. Scan the QR code of a server for an individual tip or an organization for a team tip.
  3. The app recognizes the code, making tipping as simple as pointing and confirming.

Tip Wallet

  1. To add funds to your tip wallet can be done using your credit card, mobile money or bank account.
  2. Using the secure credit card protected facility can easily add funds to your wallet.
  3. These deposit facilities vary country by country.

What our clients say...

John M

Food Enthusiast

"As a frequent diner, AsanteTip has transformed the way I appreciate exceptional service. Tipping is now so simple and quick. I love the ability to scan QR codes, whether it's for a single server or the entire kitchen staff. AsanteTip has made expressing gratitude a joy!"

Tasha R

Small Business Owner

Running a small business, every bit of appreciation matters. AsanteTip has been a game-changer for us. Customers can easily tip our team with a scan, and we've seen an increase in gratitude. It's user-friendly and has enhanced the overall experience for both customers and our staff

Chris B


"The attention to financial transparency is what sets AsanteTip apart. The 'Bank Statements' feature provides a detailed overview, allowing me to stay on top of my tipping expenditures. It's a well-thought-out app for anyone mindful of their finances."

Linda H

Travel Enthusiast

"I travel a lot, and AsanteTip has become my go-to for expressing gratitude globally. No need for local currency – just scan and tip. It's made saying 'thank you' a universal language."


Q: How do I tip a server using AsanteTip?

A: To tip a server, simply scan their unique QR code or manually enter their details in the app. Choose the amount you want to tip, confirm the transaction, and your gratitude will be sent directly to the server.

Q:Can I tip an entire team or organization?

A: Absolutely! AsanteTip allows you to tip entire teams or organizations. Just scan their dedicated QR code, select the team option, and distribute your gratitude among the deserving individuals.

Q: How can I check my tipping history and transactions?

A:You can monitor your tipping history and transactions in the "Bank Statements" section of the app. It provides a comprehensive overview of your past transactions, ensuring transparency and control over your tipping activity.

Q: Is AsanteTip secure?

A:Yes, AsanteTip prioritizes the security of your transactions. All interactions are conducted with top-notch encryption, ensuring a secure and transparent digital tipping experience.

Q:How do I contact customer support?

A:If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to our customer support team. Find our contact information in the app or visit our support center on the website for personalized assistance.

Q:Can I withdraw funds from my AsanteTip wallet?

A: Yes, you can withdraw funds from your wallet. Navigate to the "Withdraw" option, specify the withdrawal amount and method, and confirm the transaction to transfer funds to your linked account.

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